XML Serialization - TNT Toolset

( SVN IS DOWN I AM IN PROGRESS OF FIXING, use download only) (MAR28)

Powered by a fast reflection caching library, TNTSerializer tools allows you to serialize to xml with performance and minimum hastle. Also provides the highest performance XML toolset in existance.

-Fastest Reflection library in existance.

-Fastest type conversion tools.

-Fastest xml serialization on codeplex with no dreary batch files.

-Minimal dependancies ( ISerializble or attributes NOT required)

-Works on all objects out of the box with no markup.

-Supports lists and all types.

-Supports common class/property markup attributes with a framework/example to use them. Also provides way to do away with them if you want.

-Framework allows for extention rather than applying attributes

-Uses lamda functions to cache direct accessors to properties for the fastest possible access to data.

-Extensible XML formatting virtual methods.

-Comes with a nice XPath debugger and examples.

-Convert XML to objects or datasets.

-Generate .cs Classes from XML ( Not fully complete see my article http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/301398/Generate-cs-class-from-XML )

-XML XPath Parser ( not fully integrated )

-Emitting an object in IL on the fly with Emit, ( used mostly for Silverlight binding to any object )

enum support incomplete
circular dependancy checks incomplete

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